Saturday, 15 September 2018

Is your #google #maps not working too? Are you getting this page can't load hashtag#googlemaps correctly ?

I started noticing quite a lot of people having problems with there #google #maps not displaying correctly.
Well you will be relieved to know that it's not your coding that has caused this problem but you will have to modify your code to fix the problem. 
Well if you are seeing
This page can't load Google Maps correctly. 
this is due to changes at google end. The changes were made on 16th July 2018 to be exact.
To get to the point you will now need an API Key from google for this to work. 
Sounds easy ? Well its not hard. 
Google has now developed their google maps and have different products that fall under google maps. 
  1. Maps
  2. Routes
  3. Places
To further more these also have basic and advanced levels within. These will allow you to help your customers to navigate to your given address straight from your website or find near by places and many more with easy integration.
You will need to PAY for all of these services except the very basic google maps just to display a place on your website.Even though this is free you are still required to have a billing account and have a credit or debit card registered to your account. They say this is to verify who you are.
I am not against what they doing but if you only wanted to use just the free google maps people shouldn't be forced to register their payment details as we keep hearing about all the big companies being hacked and payment details been compromised. Only register if need a paid service.
So if you want to resolve your google maps can't load properly problem you know what to do. Register at google cloud platform at and follow the simple steps to create your project and obtain a API Key. Then modify your code slightly to use your API Key.
Good luck and hope this has helped you understand and solve your This page can't load Google Maps correctly problem.
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