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Today I we will try to help you decide if iPad is for you or not.
We all know how good iPad is and iPad2 even better. Questions we will be answering today is :

What is it good for?

Where can I use it?

Is it like a laptop or a netbook ?

No doubt iPad2 is very useful and is brilliant for your daily use of internet, facebook , emails, and with thousands of app’s you can check your train times to msn messengers to local shops even all the ATM machines and more with touch of a button. Its definitely quicker than most laptops and netbooks. Now if you running a business or a student where you are writing pages and pages of essays or documentation for work it starts to get tricky and uncomfortable. Even though you can buy additional keyboard to plug on to it its not like your ordinary laptop. Because iPad2 doesn’t have usb sockets you will have to buy a wireless printer that its compatible with iPad2 to print wirelessly which again more money.

Now another thing with Ipad is that you will need another laptop,computer or a mac to be able to start using. We had a phone call here at A and E Computers where we had to go to this old couples home to help them setup their new wonderful iPad. When they switched their iPad on it was telling them to plug it in to iTunes but they had no other machine and didn’t even know what iTunes was. They were sold this Ipad in a computer store and were showed how easy it was to use. They were hoping to come home switch it on check their email and be able to print to their old printer which their old computer was connected before it completely died. So one of our engineer turned up and got his laptop out to connect to iTunes and get the Ipad going but without another computer to sync they wouldn’t be able to put pictures and email to their friends and family.Glad to see that the new iPad2 has a camera now and you can actually take a picture and send it very easily.

Now if you are person that travel a lot and have another machine that you sync your iPad it’s a completely different story.With the great battery life up to 10 hours you can listen to your favorite music and check your email on the way to work while sitting on the train. Imagine having to travel on the plane for hours every week. This iPad2 will be your best friend. You can read a book, watch a few films do some typing or listen to music and relax.

Now there are 2 different types of iPads. One that has 3g and wi-fi and the other wi-fi only. If you was interested in using your iPad every where you go and access the internet, you will have to buy the 3g + wi-fi and will have to sign up with one of the mobile phone companies that provide you a sim card to plug in your iPad / iPad2 and pay additional £15 to £40 or more per month depending on how much data/internet you want to be using.

Now if you already have an iPhone 3 or iPhone 4 you can already do all this anyway. iPad2 can do nearly everything that iPhone does but on a bigger screen.

The thing is with iPad and now specially iPad2 it look gorgeous and you just want to buy it anyway.

There is a lot more to write about with the iPad and specially iPad2 but we going to keep it short and not get to technical here. Hope this helps you decide if you want a laptop or an Ipad.

Please do let us know if this was helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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