Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Welcome to A and E Computer Repair Shop

Hi to everyone.
Welcome to our first blog. We were established at 2004 and our ltd name is Erks-Computers Ltd. We trade under A and E Computers and we specialize in computer and laptop repairs. We pride our selves on giving an excellent customer service. We always call our customers to let them know exactly what time we will be arriving and another call to say we nearly there. We also operate on a maximum 2 hours charge for an individual computer or laptop. We think if you have to spend more then 2 hours charge on a computer or laptop repair you might as well but a new one. This doesn’t mean that we don’t fix it, if we have to stay 3 hours or even longer we will stay and finish the job and still charge 2 hours and if not fixed we don’t charge anything. We are experts in removing viruses without having to format your computer or laptop. Our engineers carry all the parts in their vans and if you require any parts they will have it (hard disks, external hard disk, speakers and all computer hard ware and more). We cover most of Essex, Kent, South London, Southeast London, City, West London and North London. We have a map on our website showing the areas covered at .

In addition to our computer repair service we are in the progress of setting up an online shopping cart for our customer to go and buy all there computer , office and gaming needs. We believe we have the expertise to back our after sales and are able to deliver and setup our goods with in our coverage area.

We are also in progress of opening a computer / office / gaming / phone accessories / computer accessories shop near Southend On Sea in Hadleigh. You will be able to park right outside  and come in to our friendly shop to buy your goods or even drop your computer or laptop off  and pick it up after finishing work on the way back home.

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